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Manage your assets and unlock their in-game utility through our app interfaces.
Stake TipsyCoin, Earn Gin, Bridge Crypto
Buy, Mint, & Manage GOALAND
Buy, Mint & Manage Spaceships




Manage your assets and unlock their in-game utility through our app interfaces.

Players have true ownership of game assets via blockchain technology. Just like personal belongings, you’re free decide what you want to do with your in-game investments.


TipsyVerse Ecosystem assets can be used across multiple games, and can also be transferred to other accounts freely.


Besides interacting with the game, TipsyVerse assets interact with one another, forming a holistic ecosystem – gaming and beyond.




The Tipsy Company is a registered entity under the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Reg. No. 114167)


Intergalactic Warfare MMO
Gate of Abyss is a location-based RPG game available on Google play store & Apple TestFlight. Travel around and experience a turn-based combat game infused with multiple character classes, quests and guilds.
Players can fight monsters, occupy territories, combat other players, build a variety of buildings, and explore the world to leave their mark.
Gate of Abyss can be enjoyed both solo and with friends.
Gate of Abyss is free to play and now available.


Intergalactic Warfare MMO
Nova Frontier X is an intergalactic combat game where humans, rebellious AI, and mysterious extraterrestrials vie for dominance and the coveted Dark Nova Crystals. Command your Ring World, strategize your defenses, and journey through galaxies for interstellar conquest. Join the battle and etch your legacy amongst the stars.
Nova Frontier X Now available in Google Play and Apple stores.


Native Cryptocurrency

TipsyCoin ($tipsy) is the native token that powers our ecosystem. By staking TipsyCoin, you gain access to Gin, our premier currency across all games in our ecosystem.

In the Gate of Abyss game, players require Gin for various equipment, portal keys, upgrading gear, constructing buildings, and more.

As our game portfolio expands, so too will Gin’s demand, enhancing TipsyCoin’s attractiveness. For example, in the upcoming Nova Frontier title, Gin can be converted to the highly coveted Dark Nova Crystals, which in turn can be used to upgrade Spaceships.

We’re paving the way for Gin’s value and utility to soar by building enjoyable games.

For TipsyCoin holders who do not frequent gaming, other perks await too. Partake in voting rights within our community, and in the near future, use your TipsyCoin as a viable payment method for acquiring our NFTs, integral to our game assets.

TipsyCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency with significantly optimized gas usage, strong security protocols, and with a finite supply. Currently on BNB chain, and expanding to ETH mainnet soon.


Flagship NFT

TipsyVerse: Genesis Penguins are our first and most coveted NFT collection. Available in the different rarities: Common, Rare, Legendary, 1-of-1.

These penguins are unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, serving more than just as profile pictures. Owning one establishes your identity, allows you to bond with fellow owners, and they play an active role in Gate of Abyss as your Genesis Penguins.

Players can send their Genesis Penguins for Adventures to farm rewards, and they can fight in battles alongside the player. Rarer penguins have higher attack capabilities, healing powers, and can hunt for loot better.

In the upcoming Nova Frontier, Genesis Penguins can be assigned to Spaceships, to boost their power.

There are only 2,345 Genesis Penguins. And soon, we’re introducing procreation where owning a Genesis Penguin will allow you to breed an Opus Penguin.


Unified Game Currency

Gin ($gin) is the premier currency across all games in our ecosystem. Gin exists both as cryptocurrency and as in-game currency. Cryptocurrency Gin is available on both BNB chain and ETH mainnet, and can be bridged easily between the two networks.

Gin can be earned, without cost, by simply staking TipsyCoin. This Gin then becomes your key to a vast array of gaming experiences.

In-game Gin is an invaluable resource used for various purchases, buildings and upgrades in Gate of Abyss, and will have an even greater role in upcoming features. Besides accumulating in-game Gin from defeating mobs, players can also purchase Gin packets from the in-game market, using Google / Apple Pay. Soon, you can convert your Gin to Dark Nova Crystals, that can be used to upgrade Spaceships in the Nova Frontier game. 

Bridging Gin between the different blockchain networks requires the TipsyApp. Utilizing Gin within our various games can be done through their respective web apps, such as the GOA App and Nova Frontier App.


Virtual Real Estate

Our innovative virtual real estate platform, intricately aligned with real-world geography, reflecting Earth’s map within the Gate of Abyss universe.

As a landowner, players enjoy enhanced drop rates, boosting their chances of acquiring superior gear. GOALAND also transforms how players navigate and interact within Gate of Abyss. With the ability to teleport directly to different land plots, players can unlock new quests and lucrative portals that aren’t available elsewhere.

Beyond this, landowners can construct an array of impressive structures and become a pivotal part of our community by organizing Hunting Events – a three-hour epic blend of strategy, skill, and endurance that attracts players globally to your location to combat the formidable Chthonians. In future updates, landowners will also be rewarded Gin as land income.

Soon, GOALAND can be staked for Dark Nova Crystals. It’s the universe’s most alluring treasure.

Buy, mint, and manage GOALAND on GOA App. Stake GOALAND to earn Dark Nova Crystals on Nova Frontier App.

When bought from our marketplace on GOA App, GOALAND functions as a SoftNFT, which can subsequently be converted to an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain for easy transfer and to be sold on OpenSea.


Combat Spacecraft

Spaceships can be used in Nova Frontier X. Elevate your interstellar experience when in thrilling combat against rival incursions.

The Spaceships are available in the 3 different races – Human, Alien, AI.

The rarities of the Spaceships are: Standard, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. 

Buy, mint, and manage Spaceships on the Nova Frontier App.

When bought from our marketplace on Nova Frontier App, a Spaceship will function as a SoftNFT, which can subsequently be converted to an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain for easy transfer and to be sold on OpenSea.

More details to come.