The Tipsy Company


Dozens of passionate individuals work with us globally.

Our game devs: Ex-Ubisoft & 1SOFT who worked on titles including Space Shooter - Galaxy Attack (300m downloads), Jackal Squad (10m downloads) & Dragon Epic (15m downloads).

Advisors include:
• Co-lead BAYC Council & Advisor @ Yuga Labs.
• Ex-MD, Standard Chartered.
• Co-founder of Biofourmis, a billion dollar medical software company.
• Founder of Media Publishares, which represent Vogue & Esquire.
• Visionaries in gaming, strategy leaders & the Neo Tokyo community.
Mark Niu
Co-Founder of Biofourmis
Jagdish Sidhu
Tech Entrepreneur
Roshni Pandey
Innovation & Strategy
Michael von Schlippe
Founder at Media Publishares
Thanh Tu Dao
Education X DeFi
Ex-MD, Standard Chartered
Josh Ong (@beijingdou)
Co-lead BAYC Council & Advisor @ Yuga Labs


Founder, CEO
Tech Lead
Fullstack Dev Lead
Game Director
Gate of Abyss Game Client Lead
Gate of Abyss Creative Lead
Akaiito (Duong Cuong)
Gaming Web3 Lead & Nova Frontier X Game Design Lead
Greywolf McGrowler
Web Design & Storyboard Lead
Player Relations & Asset Coordinator
Community Lead
AI Graphics Designer & Web3 Security Advisor
Executive Manager and Community Advocate

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BlueBox Group
Investment & Advisory Group

The Tipsy Company is a registered entity under the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Reg. No. 114167)

ForeverTipsy's Bio

ForeverTipsy has been involved heavily in the luxury space, where he has spearheaded numerous headline events and projects that benefited several charitable organizations. His non-profit work has touched the hearts of many, including former first lady Michelle Obama. And having been dabbling in the crypto space since 2016, ForeverTipsy now directs his conviction in the decentralization of wealth into the world of crypto and gaming.

A trailblazer who has been featured by the likes of Forbes (and as an avid gamer), ForeverTipsy wants to revolutionize and redefine the gaming industry. So, in 2021, he funded and incepted The Tipsy Company to do exactly that.

Discord: forevertipsy

Jonzen's Bio

Jonathan brings a wealth of diverse and impactful experiences to his role as Chief Operating Officer at The Tipsy Company. His early years on a Canadian pig farm taught him the value of hard work and leadership, skills he further developed as a captain and MVP of his AAA hockey teams.

After attending a Media and Communications course from Algonquin College, Jonathan joined Bell Canada, where he excelled for over a decade. There, he not only implemented the innovative “One Bill” system but also rose through various roles from collections to project management.

His leadership was particularly notable during his five years as Union President, where he fiercely advocated for over 3,000 employees. Jonathan skillfully negotiated collective agreements and successfully resolved numerous grievances, securing substantial benefits for his colleagues and setting a high standard for employee representation.

Following his significant achievements in the telecommunications industry, Jonathan ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a successful aquaculture business in Costa Rica and later a solar energy company in Canada. His deep engagement with the cryptocurrency sector since 2016 highlights his adaptability and commitment to innovation.

As the COO of The Tipsy Company, Jonathan is dedicated to leveraging his comprehensive expertise to drive strategic growth and foster a dynamic company ecosystem. Join us in welcoming Jonathan a visionary leader committed to excellence and innovation.

Mittens' Bio

Mittens is a PhD candidate at an Australian university in the field of Data Science. In addition to working primarily with Big Data, he has worked on implementing machine learning algorithms and has years of experience in creating bespoke solutions for unusual or complex problems. 

Working with Ethereum and BSC since the beginning of DeFi, Mittens brings academic chops, Solidity skills, and low-level EVM fundamentals to the project. With a solid appreciation for the adversarial environment in which smart contracts operate, as well as a desire to educate the next generation of crypto natives, Mittens strives for provable security, decentralising everything, and the ability to talk to everyone he meets about cool crypto tech.

Discord: 0xmittens

Goldpepperr's Bio

Goldpepperr is one of TipsyCoin’s lead software developers focusing on Web3 technologies, Solidity, and more. He has extensive experience in software development, working at large technology companies for the last 6 years. 

Throughout his career, he has worked with building and deploying large-scale products with millions of users, and is a strong believer in building technology that is accessible to all, which is why he is excited to be a part of the team.

Discord: goldpepperr

Midblade's bio

With a profound passion for gaming and a nuanced understanding of the factors that determine a game’s success or failure, Midblade has spent countless hours immersed in the worlds of MMOs, competitive shooters, and MOBAs. From early experiences with classics like Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and Counterstrike to modern engagements with League of Legends and Valorant, Midblade has been a part of many gaming communities from inception to their zenith. This extensive gaming background, combined with a keen analytical approach honed over years of participation, gives Midblade a unique perspective on what makes or breaks a game, making him an invaluable asset in the gaming industry.

Discord: Midblade

Tuan's Bio

Tuan is a Senior Unity developer with over 7 years of experience in game development. He has held several key positions in big game projects, including tech lead and game leader, and has extensive experience in developing online RPGs, turn-based games, and NFT games.

Tuan’s passion for gaming extends beyond his profession, as he enjoys playing open-world and RPG games in his free time. Tuan leads the game client development for Gate of Abyss.

Cheemrie's Bio

Cheemrie has over a decade of experience in the mobile game industry as an artist and has worked on various NFT gamification projects, including MetaGear

His impressive work has been featured in IdN magazine.

Beyond art, Cheemrie also has a proven track record of developing and managing successful gaming products, most notably, Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack, with over 100 million downloads to date.

Akaiito's Bio

Akaiito is the CEO of Newsoft Blockchain Labs, a Web3 Studio located in Vietnam.

He was awarded the WIPO Best Young Inventor Award in 2008, and currently has over 15 years of software development experience with a focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Akaiito spearheads the game design for Nova Frontier X, as well as Web3 development for Gate of Abyss and Nova Frontier X.

Greywolf McGrowler's Bio

Greywolf has an extensive overview of gaming for the past 40 years, covering everything from PC, consoles, mobile, and VR. He has a variety of backgrounds in basic programming, web design, and story creation. In the late ’90s, Greywolf created quests and player-driven stories for the MMORPGs Ultima Online and EverQuest, named the Heartstone Saga. He then moved on to scripting modules and story creation in the PC game Neverwinter Nights. Additionally, Greywolf was involved in creating and updating game and guild-driven web pages in the early 2000s. Greywolf firmly believes that mobile games are the wave of the future due to everyone’s busy schedule and always being on the go.

Cessnapilot's Bio

Cessnapilot has been an avid gamer of both console and desktop games since the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 of the late 1970s and early 1980s. He has spent numerous bleary-eyed days in class or at work, captivated by games that whisper to him, ‘just one more task’…

In addition to being a proud private pilot, Cessnapilot brings over 20 years of nursing experience to the table. His extensive background in nursing and aviation has honed an analytical mind well-suited to the demands of a modern gaming company. He firmly believes that games, whether they are mobile, desktop, VR, or otherwise, will continue to evolve perpetually. Moreover, he sees Web3 as the next frontier of gaming and is delighted to be part of The Tipsy Company’s journey into the future.”

Debt's Bio

Debt’s immersion in the Tipsyverse community since 2022 has equipped him with a deep understanding of its values and a unique perspective on community engagement.

Transitioning from traditional to web3 and mobile gaming, Debt embodies a forward-looking approach that aligns with Tipsy’s vision. His expertise in strategy, resource management, and RPG games offers valuable insights for developing and enhancing gaming experiences within the Tipsy ecosystem.

Debt’s ability to foster meaningful relationships and cultivate community engagement makes him a valuable asset in driving innovation and strengthening Tipsy’s player community. His passion, expertise, and community-focused mindset position him as a key contributor to Tipsy’s success in the gaming industry.

Zo-guin's Bio

Zoguin is a multi-talented leader who bridges the creative and technical worlds of Web3. Zoguin leverages expertise in AI graphics design and Web3 security to advise The Tipsy Company, to drive operational efficiency, user engagement, and online visibility.

Known for his Adaptive Leadership and Social Media Strategy skillsets, Zoguin thrives in dynamic environments, consistently developing new approaches to navigate the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

Labfreak's Bio

Labfreak is a dedicated and passionate member of the Executive Team at The Tipsy Company. With over 15 years of extensive experience across nearly every video game genre, Labfreak’s primary goal is to grow with a community that genuinely loves the gaming scene and to help create something extraordinary.

At The Tipsy Company, Labfreak plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations and community support, ensuring the Tipsy Ecosystem is the best it can be. Responsibilities include creating engaging gameplay content videos, rigorously testing games and products, moderating the official Discord and social media channels, and contributing innovative game design ideas.

Labfreak’s commitment to excellence and community engagement makes them an invaluable asset to The Tipsy Company, continually striving to elevate the gaming experience for all.